Accent Reduction Testimonials

Corporate Administrator’s Comments

“It was truly a great experience and a pleasure to be a part of this program.”

– Sameer Sawant (English Accent Reduction Program for Indian Software Engineers)

“Very impressive!”

– Mary Ellen Higgins (English Accent Reduction Program for Call-Center Agents)

“This program gave us the skills that we need to interact effectively with Americans.”

– Anil Shukla (English Group Accent Reduction Program)

“Now we know how to prepare for the English portion of our nursing exams.”

– Anis Aster Chelladurai (English Test Preparation Program for Nurses)

Individual’s Comments

“The teacher of this program was excellent. He was caring, humorous and most of all effective.”

– Sandy Charles

“This is not easy, but it is worth the effort.”

– Pawan Kumar Chadha

“The training on building a model of behavior was particularly helpful.”

– Ashok Gala

“I made more progress in one lesson than I did in years working with tapes. For the first time, I know what my problems are.”

– Vishy Dadsetan (English Accent Reduction for Farsi Speakers)

“You guys are great…”

– Dong Lin (English Accent Reduction for Mandarin Speakers)

“The trainers are very professional and knowledgeable.”

– Natalia Koutouvos (English Accent Reduction for Russian Speakers)

“Thank you for the excellent program. I can now lead training sessions at my company with people listening to what I say instead of my accent.”

– Thierry Winkfield (English Accent Reduction for French Speakers)

“People no longer ask me to repeat what I said.”

– Yuko Ishii (English Accent Reduction for Japanese Speakers)

“Talking on the telephone is much, much easier now.”

– Carlos Pico (English Accent Reduction for Spanish Speakers)

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