Building Rapport with Informal Language


Here’s a real sentence that one of our coworkers recently interpreted: “She’s really junky. She’s got a lot of yuck in there that needs to come out.”  What Spanish word would you use for “junky?” What about “yuck?” Does your interpretation encompass both the meaning and the informality of the original sentence? Join us as we discuss how purposefully choosing your words can strengthen the accuracy of your interpretation, making space for a deeper connection between patient and provider.

.1 Continuing Education Units

***This webinar is a section of ALTA’s three-part continuing education series for Spanish interpreters.***

For SPANISH Interpreters:

We will:

  • Analyze the role of informal language in a patient/provider interaction
  • Dissect elements of humor in order to more effectively replicate an informal message
  • Review potential outcomes of various strategies for interpreting informal language