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Professional language services for 35+ years

ALTA Language Services has provided professional translation, training, and testing services for over 35 years. Because every ALTA employee is also a part-owner in the company, you can be confident that our team will be dedicated to supporting you throughout your journey. Our purpose is to help you communicate across barriers in language and culture.

So how was ALTA’s famous 40-hour medical interpreter training developed?

In 2012, we created our very own medical interpreter training course. ALTA had been providing education services since 2006, but we knew we could raise the bar.

Our Breaking Boundaries in Healthcare material grew from the knowledge of nationally certified interpreters, trainers, and a partnership with both the Georgia Department of Public Health and The Care and Counseling Center of Georgia.

Since 2012, we have worked diligently to update our material and bring our learners something they’ve never seen before: A truly interactive online education library.

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