Prepare for your Medical Interpreter Certification Test Ready to level up your medical interpreting career with a national certification? Our course will prepare you for both the CCHI oral exam and the NBCMI oral exam, so you can walk into your test with confidence! Get Started
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Pass your national certification test and find the jobs you really want

If you’re looking to land the best jobs for medical interpreters, having a national certification on your resume can make the difference. Our national certification prep course helps you practice for your oral exam with the CCHI or NBCMI. The national certification oral exam prep course is perfect for you if:
You've completed a 40-hour medical interpreter training
You want to further your career as a professional interpreter
You need structured practice to prepare for your oral exam

Why should you get nationally certified?

Watch this video to find out how passing your national certification exam could help you get hired over other interpreters.
Nationally Certified

Introducing: CCHI & NBCMI Oral Exam Prep

Prepare for your national certification as a medical interpreter today

This language-specific course is designed to strengthen your interpretation ability in your target language, introduce you to the CCHI and NBCMI test formats, and teach your critical skills that could be the difference in passing your oral exam.

You get 8 real-world interpretation scenarios to practice in your target language.

PLUS, you’ll build critical skills you’ll need to pass your test, like…

  • Note-taking
  • Memory development
  • Visualization
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Sight translation
  • Proven test-taking strategies
  • And much more...

Your enrollment includes:

  • Unlimited 24/7 access for 6 weeks
  • A recommended study schedule
  • Interpretation practice exercises in your target language
  • Bilingual self-evaluation tools and rubrics
  • Instructor feedback on one exercise
  • Bilingual medical glossaries

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  • Only $175 for 6 weeks of access
  • Learn the exam structure and format
  • Practice in your target language
  • Study on your schedule
  • Gain the confidence you need to succeed!
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testimonial "I have been very impressed with ALTA’s course. I have found it to be very well put together and highly professional in its approach."-F.P., Winter 2018
testimonial "I really enjoyed the format! The videos of Stephanie were super helpful and they created a classroom setting that was very pleasant with such an intense learning experience!"-Yasser

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