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40-Hour Medical Interpreter Training

Get Started as a Medical Interpreter Today!

Turn your language skills into a rewarding new career with our most popular online training. Earn your 40-hour medical interpreter certificate and get qualified to work as an interpreter on your own schedule!

Trained Medical Interpreters are in Demand

As a bilingual individual, you’ve got a marketable skill that could lead to a rewarding new career helping others. Healthcare is a growing field and the potential to find a great job is very real.

Our 40-hour interpreter training course teaches you everything you need to know to get started as a medical interpreter, like the interpreter code of ethics and standards of practice, the basics of the human body systems, medical terminology, and more.

Propel Your Career with Our Interpreter Training

When you finish the course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Qualification you can use to find work right away.

Bonus: Your certificate also fulfills 3 of the requirements for applying to take the NBCMI or CCHI exams: it serves as proof of your initial interpreter training AND as proof of language proficiency for both English and your target language!

Is Our interpreter training right for you?

The 40-Hour Training Course is perfect for you if:

You want to work as a professional medical interpreter

You speak English & another language fluently

You’re comfortable using a computer or tablet & the internet

You can become a medical interpreter even if:

You have NO medical experience or training

You’ve never worked as an interpreter before

Start Your Medical Interpreter Training Today!

Start Your Medical Interpreter Training Today!

Introducing: Breaking Boundaries In Healthcare

The 40-Hour Medical Interpreter Training From ALTA Language Services

This course guides you step-by-step through everything you need to know to become a qualified medical interpreter and apply for jobs with agencies all over the world.

You’ll learn best practices for professional interpretation, practice your oral interpretation skills with our teachers during optional weekly live classes, and have access to our library of digital materials.

Complete the course online at your own pace. You can go through the lessons and pass your tests in just a few weeks if you want. Or complete the lessons over time to make it fit your busy schedule.

Your Course Materials:

Learn everything you need to know to work as a medical interpreter:

Pay In Full

One-time Payment:

$700 $675

Get instant access to all course materials and start your lessons within minutes! Save $25 by paying in full now!
14 day money-back guarantee

Payment Plan

Four Payments:


Pay just $250 today for immediate access to all course materials. Pay the balance in 3 easy monthly payments of $150 each.
14 day money-back guarantee

Corporate Interpreter Training

Want to Train Your Team?

Empower your bilingual staff with professional interpreter skills- explore our specialized interpreter training program and transform communication within your organization.

Pass Your Exams to Earn Your Certificate of Qualification From Home!

You’ll take 2 exams to complete our 40-hour course:

Written Exam

You’ll take your written exam online in English. Test questions are made up entirely of true/false, multiple-choice, and fill-in-the-blank questions. (No essays!) This exam will test your theoretical knowledge of medical interpretation. Questions cover Interpreter Ethics, best practices, legislation related to language access, medical information, and cultural competency.

Oral Exam

Your oral exam is conducted over the phone or via a video connection. There will be 2 evaluators, one playing the part of a doctor speaking English; the other playing the part of a patient speaking in your target language. Your test is an interpretation between the two of them.

What our Alumni are saying

“I would encourage anyone who’s thought about taking this class to go ahead and take it. We need more good interpreters!”

What our Alumni are saying

Try it Risk-Free with Our 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

ALTA is an employee-owned company, so each one of us is personally invested in your success. We’ve put our heart and soul into this program and we’ve seen it help hundreds of students find fulfilling, well-paying jobs in the healthcare industry. If you dedicate yourself to the program, it works. We know that because our students tell us it’s true…and they have the results to prove it.

We want to see you grow personally and professionally to meet your goal of being a professional medical interpreter. But if our course isn’t right for you for any reason, just ask for a refund within 14 days and we’ll give you your money back, guaranteed.*

*If you request a refund you will not be eligible to receive a Certificate of Qualification.

Start Your Medical Interpreter Training Today!


Still have Questions? We have Answers.

In order to work as a medical interpreter, you will need to at least complete a 40-hour training course, like this one.

You can apply for jobs and find work with just this 40-hour Certificate of Qualification.

If you want to be more competitive for the best jobs you may want to continue and get your national certification from either CCHI or NBCMI. But in order to apply to take either national certification exam, you must complete a qualifying 40-hour course first.

Absolutely. Our students come from all types of jobs— servers, educators, stay-at-home moms, and dozens of others. If you start with a bilingual foundation and you’re willing to put in the work, we’ll teach you all that you need to know.

According to, the average medical interpreter makes around $47,000 per year and many full-time interpreter positions also include valuable benefits, like healthcare and vacation time.

We don’t do job placement at ALTA, but we can tell you that medical interpreters are in demand across the United States. After you complete our 40-hour course and earn your certificate of completion, you’ll get access to our interpreter agency directory and our private Alumni Facebook group, where you can network with other graduates and learn about job opportunities.

Yes! You can enroll today for just $250 and you’ll get instant access. Then you’ll make 3 easy monthly payments ($150 each) that will be automatically deducted from your credit card each month.

A medical interpreter works to actively facilitate verbal communication between a patient and a healthcare provider. As an interpreter, it’s your role to make sure that the healthcare provider and patient communicate with each other, so that the proper care can be administered.

A medical translator, on the other hand, works almost exclusively with translating written documents. It is an entirely different skill that requires a different type of training.

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