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Oral Exam Re-Take


Once you complete your payment, please view your email for instructions on how to schedule your exam. Good luck!

Cancellation Policy

Tests can be cancelled or rescheduled with no penalty as long as we know by 4:00 pm (Eastern Time) on the business day prior to the test. After that we charge the full amount for the test, because we do not have time to tell our evaluator of the change and must pay the evaluator. The same policy applies to students who do not call at the time the test is scheduled, or if the test is re-scheduled at a different time on the
same day.

Learners have a 15-minute window to make the call for the test (5 minutes before the time and 10 minutes after). If they call too early, they will be prompted to call at the time of the test. If they call too late, they will get a message telling them to contact their administrator. In this case the test will be charged.

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